Bondage-Kettenset Golden Glamour, Bondage-Ausrüstung, BDSM-Frauenkleidung, Devote Kleidung, Corsagen


Bondage-Kettenset Golden Glamour, Bondage-Ausrüstung, BDSM-Frauenkleidung, Devote Kleidung, Corsagen

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SET of:

- Leash
- Collar (3 hardware rings(snap ring)
- Handcuffs (1XMini handcuff, 2 hardware rings(snap ring)
- Anklecuffs (1XMini handcuff, 2 hardware rings(snap ring)
- Arm cuffs (3X2 hardware rings(snap ring)
- Thigh cuffs (3X2 hardware rings(snap ring)
- Belt (5 hardware rings(snap ring)

Handmade with very soft body-friendly rubber rings and high-gloss aluminum chains
With our special design, you can insert the hardware rings(snap ring) in any chain position on the respective bondage...if you wish you can also remove all hardware rings or change the rings with larger or smaller rings (we have 4 different snap ring hardware sizes in our accessories range)

Get involved in something new. Feel this new, unusual feeling on your skin. You will be surprised how your body reacts to it?!
Our individual pieces are characterized by particularly stretchy and very soft elastic rubber rings.
The aluminum chains adapt quickly to your body temperature.Convince yourself!?

SIZING: Make sure to add your sizes or measurements to your order notes

■ DETAILS of Set:

Hand Cuffs - strap width - 6,5 cm - 2.55 inch

Ankle Cuffs - strap width - 6,5 cm - 2.55 inch

Thigh Cuffs - strap width - 6,5 cm - 2.55 inch

Arm Cuffs - strap width - 6.5 cm - 2.55 inch

Collar - strap width - 6,5 cm - 2.55 inch

Belt - strap width - 12 cm - 4.7 inch if you want narrow belts, we also have 9 cm - 3.5 inch wide belts in our shop )

Leash - length appr. 60 cm . - 19.6 inch

Mini handcuff - length - 15 cm - 5.90 inch

■Hardware color

Silver bondage is with silver hardware, gold bondage with gold hardware, black bondage with black hardware and red bondage with black hardware
if you want the hardware in a different color combination please contact us...

you are only bidding here on the bondage set, you can order the matching bra set in our shop.
the matching accessories are available in our shop.

We have implicated this through reasonable prices for very well made products.
Color combinations are also possible.If you can't find the perfect item here, we are happy to respond to your ideas and wishes during production, let your imaginations run and contact us...If you have also any questions about any items, their components, how they are made, or used, just send us a message. We're here to help you get the special items you need.

Production time takes 3 to 7 days.

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DHL Express - 1-3 business days


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